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Sunday, 14. October 2007
Frank Richter
Frank Richter, 4dimensionaler LTI-cubus, Kupferdraht, Acrylfarbe 20 x 20 x 15 cm

4dimensional LTI-cube

Frank Richter has been using a computer to generate his art since 1990. He seeks to amalgamate the historic precedents of computer graphics and science, involving research in spatial perception, dynamical systems and emergence. His work based primarily on multidimensional structures which grounded in the concept of hypercube and the self-developed language LTI ("Lingua Trium Insignium"). This is a language with only three letters and the multi-dimensional potential of complex constellations.
Frank Richter lives and works in Berlin. From 1989 - 1993 he studied Communication and Media Sciences.

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Thursday, 4. October 2007
Manfred Mohr
Manfred Mohr: p702a, 2000

Manfred Mohr: p702a, 2000

Mohr started as a jazz musician. He began using the computer (1969) because of his growing interest in creating an algorithmic art. His early computer works are algorithmic and based on his former drawings with a strong attitude on rhythm and repetition.
Manfred Mohr is dealing for more than 30 years with the subject of a cube which he transfers in multiple dimensions. New and never returning constellations arise by the rotation of the cubes as well as by the incidentally fragmentary appearance of their lines. He confronts with the impossibleness of showing multi-dimensionality on a two-dimensional media and creates artworks that are aesthetically very convincing despite of his stringent conceptual approach. Due to the clarity of his colours and abstractions as well as by his affection to music one feels reminded of the works of Wassily Kandinsky.

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Thursday, 27. September 2007
Tony Robbin
The painter Tony Robbin, who wrote a book on the fourth dimension and art called ‘Fourfield: Computers, Art and the 4 th Dimension’. He also wrote some programs to visualize higher dimensional objects which can be downloaded at his website.For his paintings he transfixes complex patterns derived from his research in 4d geometry on canvas. On some of them wire arrangements are added to provide even more depth. With the wire structures changing in perspective when passing the painting the painted structures remain fixed on the canvas-space. This interplay of perspective and motion directly refers to phenomena that can be observed in hyperspace.

Tony Robbin, Lobofour, 1982 8' x 12' x 15", collection the artist

Tony Robbin, Lobofour, 1982 8' x 12' x 15"

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